Getting Geeky with Cogito Pop Watch

Happy Monday everyone!

Let me perk you up and drive your Monday blues away!

How was your weekend? I spent mind playing with my 2 new toys – iphone 6 and the latest Cogito Pop Smartwatch!

The Cogito Pop connects fashion, fun and functionality, don’t be fooled by its appearance which looks like a regular watch with a couple of buttons on its side, nothing to scream that its a ‘smartwatch’.

New Toys – Iphone 6 & Cogito Pop Watch

But beneath this simple façade, packs a bundle of nifty features! We ladies always put our mobiles in our bags which is ‘buried’ amongst all our other stuff, don’t you find it irritating at times after you rampage through your bag to find your mobile and after checking realize there are no messages?  The LED icons on the watch face alerts me via flashing lights, beep (I had the sound enable) and vibration of phone calls, alarms, calendar, battery life, whatsapp, email or a message on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc. Cool isn’t it? No need to rampage through the bag anymore.


Another cool feature is that the Cogito Pop can be used as a ‘remote control’ for the camera on the mobile to take wefie! How? All you have to do is position your mobile the angle you want to take the wefie, click on ‘camera icon’ on the ‘Connected Watch’ app, pose and press the command button..viola!

The only downside is that it does not have a back light thus you won’t be able to tell the time in the dark.

Setting up the Cogito Pop was easy peasy, first I had to download the Cogito ‘Connected Watch’ app from the App Store, then turn on the ‘bluetooth’ function on my iphone to pair it and follow the instructions given in the guide to complete the set-up. After that I went back into the ‘Connected Watch’ app to select the notifications I want to receive on my watch.


What I love about the Cogito Pop is that its a minimalist and fun analog smartwatch which I can wear for sports or in smart casual to boost my youthful and hip vibe. SGD179 isn’t that steep of a price with all the features you get. For a closer look at the Cogito Pop (which comes in 6 colours) head down to Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-42B or Westgate Mall #01-K2 to check it out and for more information regarding its specifications go to



Thank you for reading!

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