How to wear a Crop Top

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I’m not a big fan of stripes not until I found this pair of vertical stripes capri pants that is. I paired it with a pleather crop top, making me look taller and leaner don’t you think?

ShenWendys Capri Pants

*Ladies just a note don’t get horizontal stripes, as that will make your body look wider. If you love stripes, go for vertical stripes as its a more flattering look.

Alternatively you can pair the crop top with a pencil skirt and a pair of heels to give you a classical feminine look.

ShenWendys Pencil Skirt

Which look do you prefer?

Thank you for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Crop Top ./. Capri Pants ./. Pencil Skirt :: Nan_Z Collection by Si Nan

Lace Flats :: Taipei Flea Market

Heels :: DMK

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