Mix and Match :: Patterns & Prints

Time flies without realizing it my little girl is no longer little…she’s becoming a teen developing her own fashion style and has her own taste in clothes.


You can’t just buy clothes without her trying them out and giving a nod of approval. She now jumps at the opportunity to follow me shopping *yay* I enjoy her company and this also gives me the opportunity to continue bonding with her through our common interest – FASHION – be it discussing about the latest trends or sharing of fashion tips.


During our recent shopping trip she chose this knitted pattern top and printed shorts combi! Who would expect a 10 year old to be so daring in mixing & matching patterns and prints together creating a stylish and playful look.


Thanks for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Top & Shorts :: Nan_Z Collection by Si Nan

Flats :: Tory Burch