Girls’ Night Out :: Skater Dress & Yellow Pumps

TGIF Lovelies!! Finally we have reached the end of the week! Am feeling much better and I’m looking forward to an after work chill session with my girlfriends.

It’s a Girls’ Night Out!

Personal space is no longer a given when you are married with kids. The importance of taking space is about staying connected through the distance. Being in your dance of solitude while still celebrating companionship. Nurturing yourself so you return to the relationship refreshed and ready to share your bounty. When you need space, you have to ask for it, arrange it, earn it, buy it, or simply run away and piss people off to get it.




Thanks you for reading!

:: Outfit::

Dress :: Robe de Princesse

Peep-Toe Pumps :: Alegra Singapore

 Accessories :: Bracelet & Earrings (YSL), Necklace (gift from a dear friend – IKI Guide)

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