Have you jumped onto the Minions Bandwagon Craze? 

My daughter is a big fan and needless to say her enthusiasm has rubbed off on me too.

We started a collection of memorabilias associated with Minions. 

Minions printed tic tacs. As mentioned by Tic Tac the Minion rollout  differs from country to country.


Minion Printed Tic Tacs – Available only in Australia
Minions Tic Tac in Singapore

Nutella with 4 different designs printed on bottles.


Minion Nutella

McDonalds Happy Meal comes with an adorable Minion too have you started eating? 

Of course we caught the movie too! Although the plot was simple it was hilarious their crazy/mindless antics made us laughed non-stop throught the show. A good show to catch with the kids and have a good laugh!


Bello! Banana?

Bob The Minion
Thank you for reading! 

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