Le Petit Chef Sheraton – Bangkok

Hey Lovelies!

Last Christmas holidays was spent in my favorite city – Bangkok the land of smiles.

Having heard rave reviews we decided to have an early Christmas dinner celebration at Le Petit Chef Sheraton Bangkok. I have booked us the 6-course menu.

When we arrived we were seated at the lounge, refreshments and hor d’oeuvres were offered whilst we wait to be ushered into the dining room.

Chilled Towels are individually sealed to maintain hygiene
Hor d’oeuvres – Amuse Bouche: Goat Cheese Foie Gras mousse on duck breast with pickled kohlrabi

Dishes were prepared in fusion style with a French base recipe and an Asian twist (Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian) in my opinion would have been better if they stick to just one Asian style. Having so many different flavours you lose identity.

Appetitzer – Hokkaido scallop carpaccio, marinated radish, ponzu sauce, finger lime & oxalis
Soup – Bouillabaisse Tom Yum
Main – Boston Half Lobster Gratinated with mornay sauce
Bon Appetite 
Pre dessert – Mango sorbet, coconut milk foam, peanuts and chocolate ginger sauce
Mushu the Red Dragon is going to prepare the dessert
Dessert – Rice Pudding Brûlée with saffron, cardamon

It was Natasha’s first fine dining experience, the cinematic and theatrical performance was spectacular, leaving her in awe. Seeing the animation come to live was engaging and fun. 

Mother & daughter Pre-Christmas Dinner Celebration

Ben and her team provided an exceptional superb service we were treated like Kings and a Queens. We didn’t feel out of place at all Ben gave the narration in both Thai and English (her English was fluent and spoken with ease). 

If you ask me was the price tag worth it? Well, not for the food – food was only so-so, don’t get me wrong the quality of the food is there but the way the dishes are prepared are not worth the price you are paying for. But the impeccable service we received from Ben and her team, the unique and unforgettable dining experience are all worth the price. 

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HanpanS – Personal Shopping Service

Hey Lovelies!

Another sharing session I stumbled upon HanpanS by accident while looking for masks from Japan – I won’t deny I had my reservations at first since their Facebook page was only created in Jan 2020 and there wasn’t much information I could find online (no comments nor reviews were available).

But all my doubts were put to rest after I join their Line Group chat. I discovered the portal is run by a lovely couple (JP & N) not some bots, they are reliable, responsive, accommodating and resourceful.

HanpanS – Uzu, Eye Liner (very lasting and smudge proof)

HanpanS – Suppin Face Powder (gives you a perfect smooth complexion)

Sourcing only for the best quality products that are reasonably priced in Japan and Korea. They are very transparent about pricing always asking the group to share their thoughts should a certain product that they recommend is actually cheaper in Singapore. JP is very honest when he found a certain item which was retailing cheaper in Singapore due to a promotion he updated the group and asked those who are keen to buy to go directly to this place. Another plus point is they don’t hard sell their products and services.

HanpanS – Anti-virus Face Spray

When they were in Japan they provided live updates on requests they received and also provided recommendations on exclusive products found only in country that are not for export. Its a whole new level of personal concierge service for shopping. Their genuinity made me feel they treated us more like friends then we were their customers. They buy products out of their own pockets to sample and review before recommending. If the product isn’t up to their expectations they won’t sell and will tell you instead not to waste your monies.

HanpanS – Toilet Gel (check out their facebook video on how to use) makes the whole toilet smell so nice

From just wanting only to order masks I ended up  ordering whole lot of other stuff. There isn’t anything that they can’t find.  All items were delivered to me nicely packed and in good condition.

HanpanS – Happy with my loot

I will definitely be using them again to help me buy stuff from Japan and Korea as I know the items they get for me are of quality, genuine and good condition! I highly recommend you to check them out on Facebook, Instagram and join them on Line for the latest updates, promotions.

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Home Bakery – Mar_velicious Patisseries

Hey Lovelies!

Today I want to share about my new found find – Mar_velicious Patisseries a home bakery founded by two best friends Jet and Amirah with whom I got acquainted by chance.

My first encounter was their brownies and its simply love at first bite! The texture was perfect- moist and yet not too soft, chocolate melts running on the sides but wasn’t overly sweet best paired with a scoop of rum & raisin ice cream making it simply divine.

Mar_velicious Patisseries – Brownies

Their sea salt chocolate chip cookies are equally yummy – sweet and savory at the same time. Highly addictive I must say, can’t just stop at just one you will want more. Their peppermint chocolate chip cookies are refreshing – don’t worry the peppermint isn’t overpowering.

oh guess what the do Ondeh-Ondeh cake too!! I was so over the moon when I found out they make that. The smell of pandan is so fragrant, texture of the sponge is dense and moist, drizzles of gula melaka seals the deal.

What I really appreciate most about Mar_velicious Patisseries is having the option to customize the sweetness of the bakes to my preference. Don’t get me wrong I have a sweet tooth and desserts are important to me a meal is never complete without desserts. But perhaps with age I prefer low sugar bakes.

There are so many reasons to chose home bakeries over commercial ones – personalized, creative, the use of quality ingredients and most importantly its baked with passion and love.

Mar_velicious Patisseries – Rainbow Bread

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for your next event or simply for some home indulgence.

Thank you for reading!