Bio: Upon her graduation in 1996, Wendy started working as a junior secretary, progressively advancing to the post of Office Manager. Through her working experience, she has acquired vast knowledge in secretarial skills, basic book keeping, facilities/office management and human resource duties. She is a multi-tasker, with a positive attitude and a sincere desire to do her best. In July 2013, she left her post as an Office Manager to assist her husband in his business and to be a full-time homemaker whilst pursing her passion in writing. Fuelled by the passion for writing and sharing her diverse adventures and discoveries she partnered with two girlfriends --Rachel and Rella-- to start RxR Magazine in Aug 2013. Needless to say Wendy represents X, the x-factor in the portal! RxR made her realize 'shenwendys' is a brand name. In Nov 2014, she started her own portal with the hope to empower women and girls of all ages all over the world to uncover their true beauty and discover fashion as a tool to feel and look beautiful on a more personal basis. She has the vision of making 'shenwendys.sg' a brand name an image for any women, any age, at any stage of their lives. The portal aims to be the ultimate resource guide to all things - fashion, beauty and life! Wendy has since gone back to the corporate world in 2015 but she continues to document and create photo logs about the things that makes her tick - beautiful places, fashion, products, events, cuisine, travel and most of all, celebrating the creativity of others and spending time with her husband and beautiful 13 year old girl, Natasha.

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