Punggol Point

Punggol Point has a small stretch of beach, across from it lies Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. The close proximity to Malaysia is unbelievable.  


At the jetty we saw lots of people fishing, families having picnics on the grass patch and kids building sandcastles along the beach.




A family adventure at Punggol Point

The water is so clear you could see many crabs scurrying on the sand bed. Natasha got really excited when she saw the crabs and wanted to catch them unfortunately they were too fast to be caught.


Baby Crabs scurrying on the sand bed

Picturesque Sunset

A nice weekend hangout away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A place to be close to mother nature.

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Date Night – Beerfest Comedy Club

Its been a while since we last went out on a date. Last Thursday we went to Beerfest Asia held at the Marina Promenade.


Fish Cracklings SGD10, Roast Sea Salt Pork Belly SGD18 & Guinness Draught SGD9

There were alot of fringe activities and entertainment taking place one of which was the Beerfest Comedy Club, they had a line up of gigs by comedians from Singapore and across the causeway.


Beerfest Currency

We watched the segment “Panel Show: The Last Laugh” a comedy show featuring all of the comedians of Beerfest Comedy Club. A show where comedians compete to see who will truly have the last laugh, it is played out in a competitive game show format with 2 teams of comedians pitted against each other in a battle of wits, genius, and hilarity. The audience get to decide which team walks away with victory by how loud their applause was.


Singapore (Fakkah Fuzz & Jinx Yeo) vs Malaysia (Kavin Jay & Rizal van Geyzel)

The Winners – Malaysia


Funny Man Fakkah Fuzz

We ended the night on a high with Frozen Rose Beer Ice Cream! Its yummy bitter sweet and refreshing!! 

Frozen Rose Beer SGD5 per scoop


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Have you jumped onto the Minions Bandwagon Craze? 

My daughter is a big fan and needless to say her enthusiasm has rubbed off on me too.

We started a collection of memorabilias associated with Minions. 

Minions printed tic tacs. As mentioned by Tic Tac the Minion rollout  differs from country to country.


Minion Printed Tic Tacs – Available only in Australia
Minions Tic Tac in Singapore

Nutella with 4 different designs printed on bottles.


Minion Nutella

McDonalds Happy Meal comes with an adorable Minion too have you started eating? 

Of course we caught the movie too! Although the plot was simple it was hilarious their crazy/mindless antics made us laughed non-stop throught the show. A good show to catch with the kids and have a good laugh!


Bello! Banana?

Bob The Minion
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Lunch with MeClub

Recently I was invited for a 4-course lunch at ME@OUE with MeClub. It was a relaxed, informal get-together, where we exchange ideas/feedback and a couple of laughs. The session also gave me the opportunity to get to know the crew behind MeClub and fellow MeClub members plus rub-shoulders with the various station DJs.


Cheers to a joyous lunch
Cheers to a joyous lunch
Magret De Canard ~ Smoked Duck Breast, Mesclun Salad Bois Bourdran
Magret De Canard ~ Smoked Duck Breast, Mesclun Salad Bois Bourdran
Kinoko To Tori Miso ~ Chicken, Mushrooms, Miso Paste, Nameko, Spring Onions
Kinoko To Tori Miso ~ Chicken, Mushrooms, Miso Paste, Nameko, Spring Onions
Atlantic Cod ~ Steamed, Baby Choy Sum, Black Fungus, Shimeji Mushrooms, Fried Ginger, Superior Soy Sauce
Atlantic Cod ~ Steamed, Baby Choy Sum, Black Fungus, Shimeji Mushrooms, Fried Ginger, Superior Soy Sauce
Paris Brest ~ Choux Pastry With Praline Mousse, Praline Ice Cream
Paris Brest ~ Choux Pastry With Praline Mousse, Praline Ice Cream
Jean Danker
Jean Danker
Georgina Chang
Georgina Chang
The Muttons & Mike Kaseem

For those who don’t already know MeClub is a club which you can earn points while watching your favourite local TV shows, radio, magazines and newspapers and using them to redeem premier passes, concert/workshop tickets and exclusive memorabilia of your idol. I have been a MeClub member since its inception in 2012 and am enjoying the perks that comes with it. So what are you waiting for? Download the app from the Android app store or Apple app store – MeClub is your fast pass to the stars!


MeClub App
MeClub App

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Christmas Reflection

Christmas can feel like a lot of work, particularly for mothers don’t you think so?


But when you look back on all the Christmases in your life, you’ll realise family traditions and lasting memories have been passed down from one generation to another.

Those memories, good and bad, are really what helps to keep a family together over the long haul.


Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for reading!

Date Night :: Cherry Blossoms Embossed Sheath Dress

Happy Mid-week!

Last night was date night! We were invited by Comedy Central Asia to a local stand-up comedy “Dim Sum Dollies – The History of Singapore Part 2”.


Since I was going straight after work I chose an off-white cherry blossom embossed sheath dress coupled with a white cardigan and a pair of strappy heels. Not only is it professional looking enough for the office it is also dressy for theatre.




The show was hilarious we were laughing non-stop from start to finish.

Their flamboyant costumes were a feast for the eyes, they re-enacted Singapore History with a jab of their crazy antics and candid humor had us laughing in stitches! The way they parodied to some of the latest songs to fit into the gig was amazing!


As Selina said: “The history facts may not be accurate BUT laughter is guaranteed for we have Hossan Leong so laughter is double confirm!”

Bring your parents to catch them, reminisce with them the good old days of Singapore and bask in our culture! For ticketing details visit http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/dimsum1214

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:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Nan_Z Collection by Si Nan

Cardigan :: Viola

Shoes :: Gripz

Birthday Surprises

Don’t you just love surprises? I know I do!

Came home to a lovely surprise specially done up by my hubby and my gal, really melts my heart. Isn’t it romantic? A trail of purple colored rose petals strewn on the floor leading to my present and a bouquet of my favourite flowers!

Later that night, I had another surprise! Wasn’t expecting anyone to come knocking at my door thats for sure and when I answered the door my Besties greeted me with a bouquet of sunflowers & a specially ordered Lychee Martini Cake – the cake is from Pine Garden’s Cake – simply yummilicious…hic!

Birthdays are incomplete without the ones who love & care for you. I am truly blessed having a loving family and friends for making my birthday so memorable…

Thanks for reading and letting me share my joy with you all!

Birthday Dress :: Empire Waist Chiffon White & Black Dress

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Birthdays gives us the opportunities to stop and appreciate all the beautiful things we have been blessed with. I believe every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start a new!

For starters I changed my hairstyle from a bob to pixie (yes I hesitated a while before taking this ‘huge’ step to cut it all off).


RxR Magazine made me realise I have the power to really influence and help ladies on a more personal basis through image consultancy.I have a vision of making ‘shenwendys.wordpress.com’ a brand name for image for any women, any age at any stage of their lives. Being a mummy myself I too fell into a mundane rut before becoming who I am today. I want to  inspire  the mummies out there, guide them back into society remind them its important to look and feel good about yourself and they shouldn’t neglect themselves after having kids. RxR Magazine will continue, its just that ‘shenwendys.wordpress.com’ is my channel to connect more personally with my readers.


Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for reading!

:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Nan_Z Collection by https://www.facebook.com/si.nan.5074?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

Bag :: Juicy Couture