Christmas Day :: Silver Linings & Textured Shorts

It’s Christmas Day!

Today was a relaxing day to lounge around and take things at a slower pace.

Still in the Christmassy mood I styled the day with an electric blue top with silver shimmers & a white embossed shorts.




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:: Outfit ::

Top & Shorts :: Nan_Z Collection by Si Nan

Bag :: Michael Kors

Pearl of the Orient :: Knitted Sheath Dress

Happy Tuesday! It’s the eve of X’mas Eve have you done all your X’mas shopping and preparation? I sure did and tomorrow am hosting X’mas Eve BBQ dinner with family!

Feeling X’massy in my knitted sheath dress with pearl embellishments & gold shimmers.


I have always had a soft spot for pearls, I find that they exude an air of vintageness and femininity.



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:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Chic-a-booti

Shoes :: Gripz

Date Night :: Cherry Blossoms Embossed Sheath Dress

Happy Mid-week!

Last night was date night! We were invited by Comedy Central Asia to a local stand-up comedy “Dim Sum Dollies – The History of Singapore Part 2”.


Since I was going straight after work I chose an off-white cherry blossom embossed sheath dress coupled with a white cardigan and a pair of strappy heels. Not only is it professional looking enough for the office it is also dressy for theatre.




The show was hilarious we were laughing non-stop from start to finish.

Their flamboyant costumes were a feast for the eyes, they re-enacted Singapore History with a jab of their crazy antics and candid humor had us laughing in stitches! The way they parodied to some of the latest songs to fit into the gig was amazing!


As Selina said: “The history facts may not be accurate BUT laughter is guaranteed for we have Hossan Leong so laughter is double confirm!”

Bring your parents to catch them, reminisce with them the good old days of Singapore and bask in our culture! For ticketing details visit

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:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Nan_Z Collection by Si Nan

Cardigan :: Viola

Shoes :: Gripz

Classic Checkered Dress

Happy Monday!

A start of a brand new week and a new beginning! After a one year break, today is my first day back to working full-time in the corporate world – feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Am a bag of nerves…one thing is for sure am going to miss my gal so much.

Am ready to take on the corporate world in my white & black checkered dress which exudes a “Audrey Hepburn” style of classiness and femininity.

Wish me luck on my first day!


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:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Nan_Z Collection by Si Nan

Date Night :: LWD & Black Lace Trim

Happy Tuesday everyone! Last weekend for our dinner date I picked a white bell sleeve shift dress featuring an A-line skirt complete with black lace trim and added a dash of red!


I don’t usually where dresses with sleeves as the weather in Singapore is always  humid & hot and I perspire easily. But the weather that day wasn’t too bad, so I decided to put on this dress.

The ‘perfect’ little white dress (LWD) is hard to find or come by don’t you think? Most white dresses are either too transparent or have the wrong fit, but this one is perfect! Its made out of a thicker fabric, so it doesn’t show your inner wear, the flare finishing hides the bulges and gives you a sexy flirty silhouette.



I love how colors pop up against a white background, so I teamed my ensemble with a red clutch. I kept everything else neutral so that the bright red color would stand out.



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:: Outfit ::

Dress :: Chic-a-booti

Accessories :: Chanel Earrings & Clutch

Side Effects :: Thigh High Slits Jumpsuit & Gold Embellish Belt


Hi Everyone! Hope you all had a great week so far.

Once again I have ditched the dress and don a jumpsuit…Today I’m wearing a black one with thigh high slits on both sides, its so floaty that sometimes it even looks like a maxi dress!



This one piece wonder exudes a retro glam mixed with an effortless vibe, so I styled it with a gold embellished waist belt and a pair of stilettos.



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:: Outfit ::

Jumpsuit :: Forever 21

Shoes: DMK

Accessories :: Spike Bangle  & Gold embellish waist belt from flea market in Gold Coast Australia

How to wear a Crop Top

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I’m not a big fan of stripes not until I found this pair of vertical stripes capri pants that is. I paired it with a pleather crop top, making me look taller and leaner don’t you think?

ShenWendys Capri Pants

*Ladies just a note don’t get horizontal stripes, as that will make your body look wider. If you love stripes, go for vertical stripes as its a more flattering look.

Alternatively you can pair the crop top with a pencil skirt and a pair of heels to give you a classical feminine look.

ShenWendys Pencil Skirt

Which look do you prefer?

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:: Outfit ::

Crop Top ./. Capri Pants ./. Pencil Skirt :: Nan_Z Collection by Si Nan

Lace Flats :: Taipei Flea Market

Heels :: DMK