Hi Everyone!

It’s Natasha here, Mummy let me write my own post on her web 🥰

Today I’m going to tell you about my favourite hangout – Steakville! A hidden gem a midst the print shops in Sunshine Plaza. I usually go there after my dance classes, the place is very cozy. It was love at first bite, their steak are always perfectly cooked – on point every time I visit. Drinks options are abundance, after trying out several ones my go to is Yuzu Fizz.

I tried my first medium-rare on their special Brazilian Tenderloin it was great but I still prefer my steak doneness to be medium.

My favourite go to cut on my usual visit is the Hunter’s Ribeye!!

Oh they even had Mummy’s favourite pan seared foie gras.

Now desserts I have a sweet tooth and every meal have to end with desserts. They make a fantastic Milo Cheesecake which I’m craving for right now and haven’t eaten it for the longest time ever. The crust is savoury and sweet, the Milo doesn’t overpower the taste of the cheese😋

Their cranberry macaron are not only pretty they are delicious and not overly sweet.

Can’t wait to go there again and fix my craving.

See you there!😎

Poonnatasha – Dance to Dream, Dream to Dance

Hey lovelies!

Dancing has always been a passion for Natasha. To me she has the talent too!

When she was 8 years old she signed up for her school Talentime, she came up with her own choreograph and performed ‘Price Tag by Jessie J’. She has no background in dancing or anyone to guide her on dance moves. I feel very proud of her she was brave enough to go up stage to perform infront of the whole school.



She loves watching movies which has a dance theme, no prizes for guessing what her favourite movie is – Step up. Yes she caught all 5 films.

I’m the type of mother who doesn’t believe in forcing my child to take up an extra curricular activity or to cultivate one. To me its all about whether she is interested or not. No point forcing her to pick up an activity she has zero interest, this will end up being a chore.

Mid this year she suddenly told me she wants to learn dancing the proper way. She did her own research and signed up at Step Studio for ‘Waacking’ & ‘Popping’ dance classes. Natasha had so much fun during the course, she always looks forward to her next class. The teachers are really passionate, patient and attentive. That is what fuels her too.




Seeing her enjoying herself so much and having so much fun makes me smile and feel happy for her. So when she asked if she could take up personal 1-1 classes for street jazz I agreed without hesitation even though knowing its not going to be cheap. Studies are already so stressful, dancing is her way of destressing and meditation.



Dancing causes a natural high. With the right beat and the right people a good dance can take you right to the top.



Yes she still has a long way to go before mastering the moves, but behind every young child who believes in herself is a parent who believed FIRST.

Thank you for reading.

Weekend Fun Styling with Natasha

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

We Chinese have an idiom –  a girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood and that is so true.

With a bat of an eye my sweetie is now 13 years old. She learnt doing make-up on her own, just by watching Youtube. She even knows how to use double eye-lid tape. Isn’t she smart? When I was her age I don’t even know how to do makeup!



She has developed a good fashion sense (since the Mummy also has a good fashion sense) and her own individual style.





She’s able to pull off different styles without losing her individuality.

Thats all for today. Thank you for reading.

Bangkok ~ Talad Neon

Hey Lovelies!

Today I want to share with you my recent visit to Bangkok’s new downtown night market ~ Talad Neon owned by the same owner of Platinum Mall.

Dreaming of a White Christmas
Neon Trees @ Talad Neon

Talad Neon is located next to The Berkeley Hotel between Phetchaburi Road Soi 23 and 29, opens Thu-Sun 17.00-00.00.

A cool hipster night market that not only showcases apparrels, accessories of all sorts, handmade crafts, food stalls all under the rainbow  coloured tents and containers but as well as food trucks too!

Talad Neon
Handmade Chocoloates
Talad Neon
Containers Converted to Bars
Talad Neon
Travelling VW Street Bar

Talad Neon

Things that are a must try::
The Shrimping ~ their grilled pork (succulent, juicy, BBQ to the right texture); butter garlic prawns and cheesy prawns are yummilicious too!

Talad Neon
The Shrimping
Talad Neon
The Shrimping ~ Chefs @ Work
Talad Neon
The Shrimping ~ Grilled Pork
Talad Neon
The Shrimping ~ Grilled Cheesy Prawns

The Jelly and Jello ~ my gal love it (of course hers is without the Vodka shot just jello only)

Talad Neon
Jelly and Jello
Talad Neon
It’s all MINE

Next to the Jelly and Jello stall is a stall that sells all sorts grilled shellfish and freshly shuckled oysters…

Talad Neon
Freshly Shuckled Oysters
Talad Neon
Grilled Butter Garlic Scallops

Smoke Monster ~ flavoured crackers with nitrogen and toppings::

Frozen Beer::

Popsciles (besides the usual soft drink Flavours, there’s a stall selling Thai Milk Tea flavour and coconut) ~ this is how you should eat popscile so they don’t drop onto your shirt.

There are alot of benches scattered around so you can buy your food from the different stalls and have a small picnic. The place is spacious enough for you to walk around without being bumped into (you know what I mean).
Talad Neon

That’s a wrap on my food adventure at Talad Neon. Hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed sharing.

You should definitely check-out during your next trip to Bangkok!
Have fun!